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Why use a Cloud when you can Build Your OWNCLOUD and Btsync Backup Server

Anyone wishing to retain rights and privacy to their information without relying on cloud services like Google, iCloud, or even other services Western Digital My Cloud. Look no further. Netwerk Guardian LLC can install your OWNCLOUD and Btsync server just for you. Small businesses are enjoying backups now over encrypted TCP or UDP with Btsync. It has been around for almost 2 years. We have the technology here for you so you can backup your data and content your way and to whoever you want to see it.

  • OWNCLOUD is free we just install it for you and set you up.
  • Btsync is free
  • Bring your own hardware, or will provide for you (Best option, purpose built).
  • You are now free! Come join a million strong as we take back our privacy with your data. We install, educate, and if you want, we can manage it or teach you how.



    SOS Online vs PCIC – Results are in!

    SOS Online backup gets a thumbs up from Netwerk Guardian. After carefully vetting online backup solutions between PCIC, Mozy, and SOS Online, I’d have to say that it’s tie between SOS and PCIC, while the features are not shown here between the two subtle differences remain.

    PCIC is greatly known for their customer serivce and annual backup demonstration for clients. They also have great security practices in backing up your data. Encrypted and compressed at the source and then tunneled to their data center. SOS Online does the same with greater security at the destination. So if security is your thing SOS Online is out in front. They also have some features for end users for sharing files etc that may not be a concern for businesses. One thing they do have is file version history from day 1. So if you ever want to turn back the clock in time you can.

    Conclusion Feature rich SOS Online for those backup solutions that like the features of a lot of security (difference being very little for a decision maker), right click and share to someone, and access to the versions of your files from day 1. Businesses who like to have someone demonstrate the ability to bring back any file they have deleted once a year as regular testing and a longer track record than SOS Online or Mozy, than PCIC is the choice for you.

    PCIC Online Backup Solution

    Why Online Backup?

    Being aware of the need for Online Backup has become more important as our daily lives revolve around technology, information, and data. It is known that roughly only one out of ten computer users backup their personal or business data. More important to note are the chances that those who don’t take initiative to efficiently use Online Backup to safeguard their data will regret it someday. Here are some quick statistics to acknowledge.

    * Up to ten percent of the world’s 700 million computers crash every day.*
    * Over fifty percent of the businesses, who don’t back up their data, never open their doors again.
    * Roughly six percent of internet users utilize online back up on a daily basis.
    * 43 percent of internet users have lost a file at some point.

    It is a universal saying that, “Prevention is better than cure” This is also true when it comes to the technology of our information age. Unexpectedly loosing data can be a huge burden to a business, and definitely has a higher cost than taking the preventive measure to ensure data is safe through Online Backup. Here are the main reasons why you need Online Back Up:

    1. Through Online Backup data is stored offsite in secure servers, which protects data from any physical occurrence such as fire, flood, earthquake or any other property damage which may incur to your computers.
    2. With Online Backup the process of safeguarding your data is automated. There is no need to plug flash drives, CDs, or any other physical nuisance. The process of backing up data is set up to work automatically without further effort or inconvenience from your part.
    3. Online Back upgives you a fast and efficient way to restore your data. In case the worst ever happens Online Back Up can be your biggest clutch, by readily giving you the ability to restore all your precious data fast and accurately
    4. Online Backup saves you money. Taking the preventive measures to protect your data is a lot more affordable than loosing data to an unforeseen misfortune in which it can become many times impossible to replace many of the data lost.

    Online Backup more and more becomes a necessity to safeguard data in our technology drive age, more important it has never been easier to afford the use of this service. Try PCIC Online Backup services free for 14 days here: FREE Trial

    Better than Mozy.

    Verizon messes up Backup Assistant on LG Env3

    Verizon, great company on the leading edge of a 3g network and services nation wide in the U.S. However, not all their applications work as described. Noted earlier this month Netwerk Guardian tested one of their data capable phones, the LG Env3 with Backup assistant. After 4 phone calls with 4 different Customer Support personnel and one tech support, they all failed to fix the problem of over writing data. What does this mean? This means that when you edit or add/erase a contact online and then select the sync action, well it would constantly overwrite what you spent time removing. What’s the point of syncing when it just will reverse what you spent doing? So the tech said we will cancel the subscription on our (Verizon) end. Results were the same. Netwerk Guardian actually had to delete the application from the phone.

    Questions you ask yourself is how safe is the data that you have on your phone?
    Would you believe that what you are trying to control with their help is really out of control?

    Verizon, just stick to telecommunication and leave the contact management to the end user.