Oracle Java Zero Day EXPLOIT – PATCHED by Oracle

Oracle released an update to the exploit found here. Oracle released this update ahead of schedule but with many security professionals and companies pressing, they came through. This vulnerability was found months ago by a Polish secuirty team in August 2012. Security Elporations powered by a Poznan University of Technology graduate, Adam Gowdiak (Govjiak – phonetic) leading the charge. I’m proud that Security Explorations was one of the first to discover this. You have accolades from Netwerk Guardian LLC.

******************************* 11-Jan-2013 Story **************************
Warning to all my readers out there Alien Vault has provided proof that a uknown zero day vulnerability for Java is being exploited by malicious criminal minds. Please turn off Java in all your browsers no matter what operating system you have. When a fix has been put in this article will be updated.

Here is the story of how Alien Vault exploited it here

How to turn off Java from various browsers
Turn off Java in Firefox

Turn Off Java in Chrome

Turn off Java in Internet Explorer

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