IPVanish VPN Service and DNS Leak Testing

As you know privacy is a big thing for everyone and anyone who is a person. I think privacy is an unalienable right that should not be taken lightly. What is important to private citizens is the right to be …private citizens. We are not in the public service or want to be in the limelight. Ask anyone in Hollywood what they’d give to be invisible for a month (depending on popularity) I bet more than a few would pay a million for it. On the internet we look up, research, post, communicate, and advocate as we like. It’s our free will and right. So with that IPVanish is here to help.

IPVanish is a VPN service that …well keeps the lid on things to keep eyes off of you. To sum it up….here’s their landing page of their site.

Your simple solution for Internet privacy.
Lightning-fast speeds. Maximum security. Zero logs.

Have you ever wondered where your browser goes when you type something in and hit search? Who sees it? Who responds? Where are you going? Where is this browser taking me! Well break out wireshark and IPvanish and lets go for a little test drive shall we ? OK well you just buckle up or sit down and grab some popcorn and I will show you.

Let’s see how safe and secure our DNS requests are while not on the VPN provided by IPvanish and see what the results are.
Going to the following site you can perform a DNS Leak test here at DNS Leak Test.com (best one I’ve seen)
Here we are going to click the Extended Test cause we want to really get an exhaustive test.


So it tries to determine location from your ISP’s nearest hub and give you two options standard or extended tests (Click Extended)

The test runs taking and making queries out to the web and then displays what DNS servers helped resolve those queries to you.

The results of this test show the following servers answered the queries.

Where was it going for the tests ? Look below. It hits your internal DNS server or gateway and then goes outbound.

No lets use IPVanish and see if they deliver.

We logon and we run the same test at the same site.

Click on extended and watch the wireshark capture tunnel it all. The DNS address in the capture (viewable) is in the same IP subnet range as the VPN (Which I scrubbed).
The results show just the one IP address which is IPVanish DNS server getting you the DNS results and not your ISP or other search engine giant.

So we conclude that your privacy is insured with this IP VPN service provided by IPVanish. Make sure you do your research before investing in a VPN solution. IPVanish supports EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) who is all about privacy and your rights.

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