Who we are :

Netwerk Guardian is a Network Security service provider whose passion is to help small to medium sized businesses secure their networks with stable and scalable solutions.

“Understanding security in today’s data driven world is a must when your data and reputation are on the line. Don’t get caught with an exposed network, it might just cost you your business”-N.G.

At Netwerk Guardian our mission is to:

* Understand our customer and their business objectives.
* Help develop the security goals of our customers and provide cost effective ways to attain them.
* Install, document, and provide training for the secured network.

Our CEO is razor sharp and ready to show you security in both technology and practical approaches that are simple and effective. Kevin Pescatello has fnished his studies @ WGU for M.S. Information Security Assurance. He has earned and retained the following certifications lighting a fire in the security industry;

CCNA © Certified # CSCO11488924 April 2016
CCNA © Security # CSCO11488924 April 2016
CCNP © Security in Progress – Passed Deploying ASA VPN 2.0 April 2013
NSA & CNSS Recognition of NSTISSI 4011 March 2010
NSA & CNSS Recognition of NSTISSI 4013 January 2013
CEHv6 June 2011
CHFIv4 February 2012
GIAC 2700 April 2012

Just the right info to keep yourself safe!