Services provided:
Securing your desktop and network by Netwerk Guardian
Training and educating users on safe practices in line with corporate policy.

Utilizing free open source software and virus protection software. (For Windows machines)

Including malware and adware protection

Firefox web browser and select addons

Also providing identity theft protection and secure email encryption

Security so strong not even the world’s greatest mainframes or agencies can crack. You owe it to yourself, your company, and end users to be aware. I can train and empower you to use the web and your networks securely. Training is the first step in eliminating the theft of identity, intellectual property, and your reputation.

Benefits of Services

* Implement comprehensive plans that will yield business efficiency and cost savings by your objectives.
* Provide scalable network solutions.
* Ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability. (CIA)

Corporate accounts are urged to see the following services especially if your IT department is small or non-existent.

* Hardening Desktop and workstations against attacks
* Tightening security on layer 2 and layer 3 of your network
* Providing Identity admission networks.

Call to find out the difference between your network and an impenetrable network.

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Basic OWNCLOUD and Btsync Server
Basic OWNCLOUD and Btsync Server

Extra Storage

Just the right info to keep yourself safe!