We support Cisco devices. Cisco ISR (Integrated Services Route) 8XX, catalyst switches:3750, 6509e and any other router, switch or security device you might have.

Building a network of Cisco devices helps you create an infrastructure that’s resilient, and scalable. Using Cisco Defense in depth model allows an organization to use difference devices to secure the network at the border, DMZ, and inside. The Cisco Security Agent is one tool you can use on the hosts in your network to keep you safe. This integrates with Cisco’s ACS and the M.A.R.S system for reporting and threat mitigation.
If you need another solution that might be less expensive there’s always the stateful firewall and ACLs on switched devices.

Netwerk Guardian is determined to help you be as safe as possible while still having options to use your network the way you want to. No matter what your budget is there is a way to be more secure. Check out the latest tips on the front page. Always something fresh and new to apply to your network.

School systems and municipalities are urged to call. Our network engineers’ latest designs have been hardening and providing network management solutions with free software called Zenoss. Call 860-319-6364 and mention Zenoss to get 10% off the total package.

Just the right info to keep yourself safe!