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US Secret Service Recent Promo / Congrats to Graduating Class

I am very impressed with the Secret Service or any branch of military or government body that produces fine men and women in service to the US. I am all for it. Almost went myself a few times but got old. I’m a fan of Jesse Ventura or any Navy Seal for that matter (He’s just more vocal/flare). However, in a recent LinkedIn Recruiting / Promotional post featured below, a few of us wise and sympathetic patriots noticed that maybe not the best delivery. Some thought showing the faces was not so secret anymore. Read below.


My comment after my friend and former CT House Representative 47th District, Chris Coutu posted his about not being so secret, was the following.


So I get the promotional thing but aren’t all the documentaries online shadowing and muffling face and voices respectively to protect our active agents in the field ?! (Rhetorical) Moving on…OK so now we have our graduating class. Great, I’m happy for them and I hope they do well. Now after this I actually clicked on the link to see the youtube channel for the Secret Service. I watched one video posted here I watched a few clips and noticed a few things. Starters I like the car drill but we get past that and see them running or lifting weights and…tires. I see that the requirement for SS is not being in shape before you attend. I see that there are stomachs jiggling around the track/building and lifting a barbell. In the same clip we see last names on the back of the agents. While not giving a lot of information, still some information is showing. The reporter mentions a ballet dancer whom I think is probably in better shape than anyone as one of the recruits. Diversity is great and thats what makes the USA a great place, I think personal care of ones health is job number one. Looks like these guys eat whatever they want and work out vs sacrificing that donut, bread on a sandwich. and soda. The following video shows guys lifting a log over their heads in unison and I noticed more bellies. The narrator mentions if sitting on the couch is what you have done and are thinking of joining you might consider something else. “Sorry buddy, off the couch I can run 3 miles and not get winded, no training 100% pure genetics.” Also, it looks like potatoes and fries in the video.


I’m sorry but that my friend is not respect for one’s body. eat ice and drink water cold water and lots of water to fight that urge to eat what you should not. Also, you should just get involved doing something else to keep you busy or mind off eating if thats the case. Become a gym addict….but apathy never won anything.

So my advice to the Secret Service…..raise the bar, define physical requirements (I think the state Police used to). It does take more than physical fitness to be in any of that line of work, don’t get me wrong, its just the videos are not as inspiring as they could be. On the other side it also means that you or I could be there if we were committed to the cause. So this blog is not a review but one that looks at what is being presented based off perception of what we think Secret Service and public service are all about. In addition what must be done to qualify for that service details. Also to protect the safety of those that serve, photographs, last names, and interviews shouldn’t be presented. The only thing I can think of in all of this is that all the people that are posted in the pics, videos and interviews are all actors. Then this post means nothing.