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Sentrix – Defending Your Web Presence


What is Sentrix ? – Sentrix is a company that provides defense for your web presence on their hardware and not yours. This includes database backend protection from having a hardened front end. In addition they provide DoS, DDoS, and web application protection. I am sure I am missing a few others but you get the point. What really makes me think this company has a sound cloud based solution is that its context aware. This is akin to being application aware like with Palo Alto firewalls.

Sentrix reviews the site and based off the context it builds a replica of the site. Proof of conepts can be built in 24 hrs for testing with no impact to production servers. It’s really worth it to go for a test drive and watch how this works. That leads us to the next topic of how it works. When Sentrix scans and reviews your site it creates two categories in which the presentation and functionality resides. One bucket is called the presentation bucket and the other bucket is called the business transaction bucket. It also builds whitelist rules that allows some transactions to go back to the original server (your server) like username/passwords and authentication. Everything else stays right there on the replica.

When a site is built you have access to a dashboard where you can start working on your field validation for what characters and actions are allowed in each field. each replica automatically provides rules for you to start with becuse its context aware. Here going forward you can edit them as well as network settings. You can also use human validation settings like captcha to help ensure people are viewing and not scripts or bots.

DoS and DDoS protection is done by creating rules for a queue if connections increase rapidly. It will also spin up more gateways as needed to service the load of connections. Also, you can just deny connection rates over a certain rate to ensure that your site stays up. So yes web application, Application DoS, and other threats can be mitigated with Sentrix. I am very impressed with the technology. Now they just need some Superbowl commercials and I think everyone will get the message.