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Lifelock Alerts – You’ve Been Hacked or A Social Site Was…Where’s the Proof Lifelock?

Recently I was made aware that my personal email account was some where on the black market from an alert from Lifelock. OK, I can see how that can happen when LinkedIn dropped the ball on security. It was attributed to the LinkedIn Hack from a while back in 2012 and now the spoils of hacking resurfaced May 2016.


In May 2016, LinkedIn had 164 million email addresses and passwords exposed. Originally hacked in 2012, the data remained out of sight until being offered for sale on a dark market site 4 years later. The passwords in the breach were stored as SHA1 hashes without salt, the vast majority of which were quickly cracked in the days following the release of the data.

Compromised data: Email addresses, Passwords

The website havieibeenpwned has recorded the hacks and is a great source to use. The reason why I point you to that site is from a call to Lifelock that didn’t go the way I wanted it to go. First off I wanted to know what site out there has my information that they were able to scour and find. Lifelock Operator “I’m sorry sir, we don’t have that information in the alert. I can only see what you see. I do know that they scan 10,000 sites for this information.” Yes OK great, now please go get your supervisor. Supervisor “Sir, yes its true this happened and we urge that you change your password and maybe even your email account altogether.” OK Ms. Supervisor but where did you get that information from? I work in security and I work with ones and zeroes. Apparently, I can’t get away from the zeroes. If the site exists you must have a record somewhere with my email address and old password is located. All Ms. Supervisor could do was re-state the obvious that they didn’t have the information. How about your IT department I said, can they help us out? Nothing.

So later on trying to do something else I hop over to Netherlands and try to get some email and wouldn’t you know some Google Alerts say “hey someone tried logging in with your account”. I’m like yes, me. Shortly after the next day Lifelock gets the same thing and I get an alert sent to my cell. OK this is how Lifelock works. Working with Google finding out when someone attempted to use my account. Not impressing me.

Lifelock is basically selling Cyber Insurance and are not providing the details of where they found my information. This post is to challenge you to think what exactly are we getting for a service that I can’t get from News Sources on the web about breaches. Where is the proof Lifelock? That is my challenge to you. Don’t call me up and tell me something is out there…we all know that.

While you’re browsing the web, here is a nice article, recent too, about identity protection services not what its cracked up to be. Why Identity-Theft Protection Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be (Kaveh Waddell)

A better eyebrow raiser Despite Promises, Lifelock Knows Public Data is A Risk Guess I’m not the only one calling Lifelock out in the street.

Keep the Internet Free- Notice from Google

Looks like the UN is meeting in Dubai to try and start to regulate and police/censor the internet. Please make your voice known and sign any petition that will expose and stop this. The UN is the end of everything good for everyone.

Sign the Google Survey Here

Greetings Person,

A closed-door meeting of the world’s governments is starting today. The future of the internet is on the agenda. Some governments want to use this meeting of the International Telecommunication Union to increase censorship and regulate the Internet.
I am concerned, and I am not alone. More than 1,000 organizations from 163 countries have raised concerns about this upcoming closed-door meeting in Dubai. They are joined by hundreds of thousands of Internet users who are standing up for a free and open Internet. These people are in just about every country around the world — take a look.
If you agree and support a free and open Internet, join them and raise your voice: google.com/takeaction
Together, we can protect the free and open Internet. Please make your voice heard and spread the word.

Vint Cerf

Anonymous – Losing Power vs. Israel, God’s Chosen People

Looks like Anonymous is losing its power. Read it here. As much as I like the little guy winning and justice being served, hacking and breaking an entering or denying service that creates income is wrong. This must be the 8th article I have written about Anonymous. Like Aces and 8s this must be the end all deal that sinks Anonymous as the loser. First off, you never go against God’s chosen people. I’d never use a computer again than go against God and His people. Like playing with your life. Second, going against a group of people that are suffering is not a smart thing to do either. Anonymous is trying to kick Israel around when they are down or hurting.

Here in the article we find proof that the number of hackers are confused, lost their focus, and ability to take down the IDF. Reminds me of that Bible verse

“Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?”[a] 56 The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. 57 But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 15:55-57

The only thing that Anonymous has managed to do is take down small mom and pop web sites. Script kiddies can do that. Anon claims to have punted the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs via DDoS, but the site wasn’t down for any appreciable time—a pattern across the non-pissant attacks the group took responsibility. They got over 2,000 emails of ordinary people. Not hard, brute force password attack.

Anonymous – my words of advice to you is to not go near Israel, to stop turn and run. The love of my God commands absolutes, He is a Jealous God, and there will be nothing held before Him as he is number one. The idol, your computer, that consumes your life will be the undoing of you personally. At what cost is your life when going through the normal methods of protest is far greater.

The means is the way to the end and not the end justifying the means. Credibility, honor, and empathy are far from you.

Good luck, you are going to need it.

Benghazi – Interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik and Alex Jones

Here are some notes from the following video. My two cents are in *between stars*

I can only type so fast….

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Pieczenik was deputy assistant secretary of state under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker. [3] His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare.[7] He served the presidential administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush in the capacity of deputy assistant secretary.[8] Former State Dept Rep from the Carter administration with 20 years’ experience.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik:
Benghazi was an illegal operation from the get go. Just like the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
There was no congressional approval for these wars. It was signed off by President only. The father and
Mother of Obama was CIA and so he is trained as CIA. Amb Stevens and the others were killed at the hands of Hillary Clinton whom has let others die before in other incidents. They have been letting go Generals because of their will to act.

General Ham and Admiral Gaouette should never have stood down and just kept going. The CIA operatives had the place seized up. However, the military we have now is a nonfunctioning military. All they want is positions and money but no heart and are war mongering but no concept of it. There is a war going on among various functions of government in Washington. *A divided house cannot stand.* Benghazi CIA was made to happen by Panetta and Patraeus. Now they are mercenaries using drones
for attacks on select targets. Illegal as the consulate is not a place for this type of work of detaining prisoners and extracting information from these people. We have been running a lot of secret wars under Obama. We have a culture clash going on. Civilian leaders that lead the US into wars in Vietnam, Iraq Afghanistan have to step down.

The Generals watched while their own men were killed that need to come forward have been given cover stories. Martin Dempsey is a coward and so is Panetta. These guys are idea people and have no solution on how to handle things. Benghazi was the final place where the civilian and the military had a clash on who was in charge. It was a place where the Civilians could get rid of all the generals that have no merit and are backing the whitehouse to be in the places they are now. The military stepped down and should not have. 14 military people have been discharged since this incident. This was a coup
attempt by the military but they backed down and they are going to pay a price for this.

The person that is missing in all of this is Bob Mueller, head of the FBI. He has a dangerous history and took part in the cover up of 9/11. John O. Brennan is another bad apple. All a part of a cover up. Mueller now has to be investigated again for this recent 9/11/2012 incident. In addition, Muller has illegal monitored elected officials. *This kind of goes along with Glen Beck’s story that “we have many people watching you Patraeus…resign please”.*

Now the government is going towards drones and reducing the size of the army. *Why deal with people when computers do what you say without any disobedience or failure.* So now we are heading for a cyber-war and cyber security theater as we move forward. This environment is changing. Obama is going towards impeachment with these illegal wars. It is not just the President but others have helped in this. His ways of operating as a CIA operative in the executive office are numbered.

*Are we going to go in another major war? No. What they are trying to do is take the weapons away from people to get us ready for being monitored electronically and by drones. There are now 50 states with petitions to secede.*

Alex Jones: Does the federal gov’t have legitimacy not to allow states to secede?

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: No, they have lost all that and now the people of America are on to what is going on with government. The greatest problem in the US for national Security is our national debt.

Actions to fix the problems:

1) There should be a Bob Mueller investigation and have him locked up.
2) CIA should be investigated and should be eliminated.
3) Generals in the military should be dismissed right away.
4) Everyone above the Benghazi attack should be impeached and indicted, Clinton, Obama, Chairman of DNI
5) GENERAL DEMPSEY should be court marshaled

Dr. Steve Pieczenik Congress is dead, and the people see the cover up from the first 9/11/2001 in this 9/11/2012. Revolution is needed but not a violent one but a complete swap out of the elected to the unelected.

John Jay High School Infringes on Student Privacy – Superintendent was Schooled!

Fri 10/12/2012 12:04 PM

Greetings Dr. Brian T. Woods, John Jay High School and Anson Jones Middle School in San Antonio, Texas

The story about your schools are hitting the news for infringing on privacy of students. What has gotten into that Ph.D. head of yours to think that chipping students provide any benefit? The below excerpt from http://rt.com/usa/news/texas-school-id-hernandez-033/ seems to me that the bully on the playground are the administrators. If she does not wear the card, you are going to take your “ball” and leave the game. Stating she cannot have voting rights because of this and you are ruining the one era of a child’s life before they hit the real world.
After Hernandez refused to wear an RFID chip, WND reported that Deputy Superintendent Ray Galindo issued a statement to the girl’s parents: “We are simply asking your daughter to wear an ID badge as every other student and adult on the Jay campus is asked to do.” If she is allowed to forego the tracking now, the repercussions will be harsher than just revoking voting rights for homecoming contests once the school makes location-monitoring mandatory, he argued.

I am curious to see just what your agenda is with your training and education. Are you there to advance the educational opportunities of the students or are you there to make a test bed for bringing in big brother as your political science major might indicate. What did schools do in the early years? The technology you are using to curb attendance is to help you get some “money” from a state that probably should not spend money. Remember nothing is free and someone is paying. The tax payers in your state and the tax payers of the nation might be for any grants or budgets given at the federal level. Are you a left winged socialist who wants everyone to pay and advance your school’s agenda? Even in my town the social left want to take from the State of CT as much as possible without letting the light go on in their heads that…we all eventually pay the bill.

More frightening is the information below.

“Using this information along with an RFID reader means a predator could use this information to determine if the student is at home and then track them wherever they go. These chips are always broadcasting so anyone with a reader can track them anywhere,” she said.

I am a certified ethical hacker and computer hacking forensic investigator. The technology you employ is most vulnerable to hijacking and data leakage. If you are looking for a career ending move, you just set yourself up to be an example. With the story going viral and the insecurity of the technology by those wishing to do harm, will come and prey upon the children as unemployment and idle time rises. In an investigation of the deep web and TOR sites the majority of the listings to be against the basic moral code. The pedophiles that are out there with their sites are at an alarming rate. Read the article my colleague posted “What is the deep web. A trip into the Abyss“.

What I am saying is do not do this. You are approaching this the wrong way. Notably, you did not receive any technological advice before proceeding. My alma mater, NFA, Norwich Free Academy in Norwich CT. has other rules in place to curb attendance without an RFID card. My graduating year was the last year of tolerance of missed days before they enacted this. I have a mind like a steel trap and remember too much, but it has its advantages. NFA has it where if the student misses too many days they don’t graduate. Pretty simple.

Here are the vulnerabilities to RFID in brief:
RFID hacking
• Vulnerabilities include
o RFID viruses
o SQL injection attacks, injecting more info than expected
o Privacy disclosure
o maybe used to identify nationality of person on train
o Vendor information can be retrieved
o Inventory may be monitored, part of footprinting process by cracker

1. RFID Worms -abuse network connections and spread via attacking online service tags. RFID worms get code from bad servers and then use them to execute from malware middle ware servers.
2. RFID Viruses -self replicate and infect new RFID tags independently, without the need of network connection. They do not have a payload so they do not interrupt backend servers or. If the tags pass information on to reader and then on to control management systems then they can infect other readers and control management systems.
3. RFID Exploits – are harmful RFID tag data that attack part of the RFID open to attackers. When the reader reads the tag it expects readable data format, instead it gets junk and it corrupts the system.

1. List various applications of RFID. They are used to track items like clothing for theft, parts or machines use and maintenance, tracking animals like invisible fences.

Nowhere in the above does it say to use it to track people. Maybe you should do the same.

Thank you,

Kevin Pescatello
Network Security Engineer
Netwerk Guardian LLC
CCNA Security #11488924
Certified Ethical Hacker v6
Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator v4
GIAC 2700
V (860) 556-3001
F (855) 864-5500

**************************** UPDATE ****************************
Article just released from WIRED shows how sick minded school systems and Professionals can be. They are asking that the parent of the daughter now expelled to stop publicly trashing the school for its Big Brother approach to curb attendance and endorse it. The student is suggested to attned in order to go to a magnet school with the chip removed from the card.

The district, in a letter last week to the family, said it would allow her to continue attending the magnet school with “the battery and chip removed.” But the girl’s father, Steve Hernandez, said the district told him that the offer came on the condition that he must “agree to stop criticizing the program and publicly support it,” a proposition the father told WND Education that he could not stomach.

****************** Update 2-Dec-2012 ****************************

Here we have action against the school from the hacker group Anonymous. The actions taken are illegal and the end does not justify the means. Folks, no matter how we feel or what side or position we take, cracking into/against a site is not the answer. We must solicit and petition those in power over us to make an appeal and amend the action that we believe is against the cause.

It appears that a hacker going by the name tr1xxyanon has taken down the www.nisd.net site. You can read the story here by Mireya Villarreal. This is in response the above mentioned invasion of privacy of children. High school is the last frontier before death and taxes folks. Why infringe upon the children when they have the rest of their lives to be like us tax paying citizens. As you can see I don’t agree with NISD decision to chip I don’t condone illegal activities.

Verizon Case Study on a Hacking Event

The following case study provided by Verizon shows a great deal of competence and intelligence from their Computer Forensics Services. Read that link, intriguing.

Since the retailer had some attitude of posturing and that “nothing” bad can happen to our PCI data processing machines; things turned for the worse. The event captures what bad things insiders can do to a network. In this case study all client data was being stolen. Imagine you bought something at the store, the retailer has been around for years, and you think your credit card information is safe. Think again!

The case study points out that someone on the inside was using the VPN device to get in. Now you are thinking if they have access to the VPN, it must be OK and they are approved. Yes and no is the answer. Yes, they were approved for VPN access but no, they were not approved to steal customer credit card information. This is where someone at a 3rd party provider of services went rogue.

They eventually caught the person because they tracked it down to their IP address in Eastern Europe. Obviously this hacker got lazy because there is a way around this as well. He used his real IP address and went across Verizon ISP hand-off to the retailer at one particular store. The law enforcement drafted up a prosecution letter and had him indicted on the charges of credit card theft and possible identity theft. Now they would have to extradite the individual to the US for prosecution and that will take some time.

The take-away from this is to stop and think. “Are my computer and information systems really secured?” You have to ask yourself this question. There are external threats and internal threats. if a VPN connection gets compromised from the outside device than tracking the event down will be difficult but not impossible. You have to look for odd access logs and write/modification times on files for clues.

People, please do not go this alone. Your company, way of life, and your reputation cost far more than the cost to ensure your devices and processes. Please seek out help today from a knowledgeable Information Security Assurance professional.

Thank you,

Kevin Pescatello
Network Security Engineer
Netwerk Guardian LLC
CCNA Security #11488924
Certified Ethical Hacker v6
Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator v4
V (860) 556-3001
F (855) 864-5500

Benghazi Intel Just Keeps Pouring In – Election Time – Obama is a Coward, Treason?

Where’s your crown King Nothing? Just want one thing to play the king.

More and more data just keeps pumping in about the Benghazi muck up attempted to be covered up by Obama and Hillary Clinton. Heads will roll this election day as many people are outraged against him, the party line, and the lack of delivery on his campaign promises.

Now recently release classified cables from Late Amb. Stevens on August 16, 2012 shows that they requested help 3 weeks before the attack. It names the two factions that were going to perpetrate the attack. There was a RPG sent through the wall of the Annex (CIA Ops Office) to test the strength of defenses and that didn’t get a lot of air time from Main Stream Media. The cable went out to the Secretary of State Office Hillary Clinton who failed to process this as well as others that also get the same cable. Read it here Foxnews

It was said 10 militant groups were in the area. A rocket was sent through the wall of the Annex to test the strength and the response from just the one rocket, and a cable went out. Despite all that went on there was no response by the Obama Administration to aid these people and strengthen defenses or remove them from the area.

The way its going to go down in an investigation that is to follow is that Obama will be guilty of this negligence and be complicit with the act. That means Hillary Clinton will be an accomplice to the murder and looking for those responsible will not be farther than the ones kicking off the investigation.

Folks, this is complete negligence and pre meditated murder on the part of our elected officials. Time to take them to court. Vote for anyone but Obama Tuesday November 6, 2012.

Anonymous to Launch a Info Dump like Wikileaks?? Really?

Anonymous announced that it plans to launch a site dedicated to leaking information that divulges what companies and possible governments don’t want you to know. The story can be found here. The architecture is one that is proven to make it resilient to any government or technical seizure. How you ask? The bit torrent style of hosting files is their target architecture. This means that every person’s computer can have a piece of the action for mere price of admission…..no. Just kidding. What it means is that every person who has a bit torrent like client setup on their computer is then able to host the files and share them out. In order to track down and hunt these people down the “government” would have to issue a cease and desist order first and then go after the general public.

There are a few advantages to this setup and a few drawbacks at the initial start. First off it does make it hard for the government to isolate one server and take it down. Basically, Anonymous is taking the fight to the government with the people walking with pitch forks and torches. How can one lock up and jail so many people? How can the government find them all? What resources of the government would be consumed tied to this affair that would leave other places open for attack. Now the disadvantages are the fact that most people do not know how to keep their traffic private or encrypted and would get picked off easily. Also, getting the files loaded on multiple machines will take some time.

The advantage of Anonymous taking this route is that they could inform the general population of how to vpn their connection and host files. They could teach them to use the TOR network where all roads lead to confusion and no one router or server knows which way the packet really originated. This will be the best way for some time until it gets infiltrated. There will not be a total take down of such a system for some time. With unemployment and free time on the rise I suspect some quick successes for Anonymous. Question is, will the government be smart enough to counter?

The success rate of such an endeavor is around 85-90% currently. There are many ways to dodge the government.

Now the reason why they are doing this is what we know about them. They are for full disclosure, equal rights and everything good for the general public, it’s just their means to the end that is wrong. So with that, we will wait and see what comes as of December 21, 2012. The world is not getting destroyed, it will still be here. It will interesting to see who is around for the fight for freedom and liberties and how other groups go about campaigning for it.

The Story Behind Ambassador Steven’s Death

The Equivocating Whitehouse story
Can you believe that the general public has a better sense of what is going on than the Whitehouse? OR that we know they withheld the truth for some posturing or false flag event to empower themselves for yet more control. The story behind what Ambassador Stevens was up to 90 minutes before his murder is seen here from the source clip Infowars to the other link below with just the information you wanted to see.

Stevens had all the numbers of the good and bad guys (Terrorist for hire) on speed dial. The attackers wanted the contacts. The US State Dept under Obama told Turkish parliament to tell Stevens not to no move the biological weapons from Derna to Turkey. These would be used by “rebels’ or Al Qaeda working for US to create a false flag in Syria.
Stevens said no, “we have to finish our orders”. Ambassador Stevens was finishing his last mission as a CIA Operative when it went bad in Benghazi. Russian hired henchman did the attack. Now Russians wanted to know who to kill and stole the documents and contacts list. Syria is Russia’s red line in the sand. The entire southern states of Russia have access to Mediterranean Sea through Syria. Do the math folks. Now other embassies are under attack.
The US is publicly backing Al Qaeda in a fight against Syria. This is a war with Russia by proxy. Even Biblical prophecy says the death race starts in Damascus.

The Glenn Beck show reported days after the incident that it was indeed the US Gov’t providing heavy weapons to the wrong side or group that caused Amb. Stevens’ death. Read the following below taken from Glenbeck.com and the Business Insider reporting;

Just a few days after the Benghazi attacks Glenn called out the administration’s phony youtube theory and posited one of his own. That theory was that Chris Stevens was overseeing the efforts by the administration to arm the rebels fighting Ghaddafi. Glenn goes over the Business Insider report showing there is ‘growing evidence’ that suggests Amb. Stevens was at least aware of heavy weapons being moved to rebel forces.

“The president is out on the stump speech right now saying that he’s really decimated Al‑Qaeda, but if you go back to when we went into Libya, again the New York Times was reporting that we may be arming the wrong people. We may actually be arming Al‑Qaeda. Do you remember that happening during the Arab Spring?” Glenn said.

“They said we were arming Al‑Qaeda. The White House denied it. My speculation was right after the September 11th attacks that not only was this an attack by rebels, this wasn’t due to a video, this was due to the fact that Christopher Stevens was the gun‑runner. He was the guy brokering the deals with Al‑Qaeda‑related affiliates. That was my speculation.”

Now what has the Business Insider found? Their report is below:

The official position is that the US has refused to allow heavy weapons into Syria.

But there’s growing evidence that U.S. agents—particularly murdered ambassador Chris Stevens—were at least aware of heavy weapons moving from Libya to jihadist Syrian rebels.

In March 2011 Stevens became the official U.S. liaison to the al-Qaeda-linked Libyan opposition, working directly with Abdelhakim Belhadj of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group—a group that has now disbanded, with some fighters reportedly participating in the attack that took Stevens’ life.

Read it here

As a US citizen, you have to ask yourself why did the Obama administration “get” the story wrong for 2 weeks? The answer being they knew what was going on but didn’t want to say it. Then the Deputy of the Dept of State, including Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, both said it was from the youtube video release of that film. Get real. No one gets upset just cause you call them names or burn a flag. It only hurts when the bone shows and there is blood. What did mom always say “sticks and stones but names will never hurt me.” Think it through Obama administration before you start talking. The citizens of the United States are not asleep and are not stupid.

Makes you glad you know Jesus as your Savior and if you don’t, maybe you want to get to know God real soon real fast.

Watch the video here

The Truth Behind Amb. Stevens Death

Update 26-Oct-2012 White house Insider Tells a Cryptic Message

Recent update from the Ulsterman Report states that the White house had enough time to respond the incident. The White house was notified 2 hours later and the battle went for 7 hrs. So the Obama administration killed (40 four US citizens abroad. This intentional neglect must have some other story in which the White house is trying to cover up. Most likely the fact that they are giving arms to Al Qaeda in Syria for that false flag. one of the many ways the Administration is trying to save its existence. However, you the people will not let this stand. This is definitely a career ending move for Obama. Seeing how he spent most of his time in school and not demonstrating experience, he will have a tough time getting hired by corporate America. Not that this is what most former Presidents do.